A day in our life captured through the lens.

12 thoughts on “A day in our life captured through the lens.”

  1. Ah! Another busy week and another busy weekend… life after certain point and kids just seems non stop! The carefree life of childhood seems so distant yet so close. Watching our kids before us is a gentle reminder of yes! I was just like this…

    All the pictures of food is making me hungry as I recover from my surgery in my bed and in my room… lose of taste bud means can do with something really yummy and spicy!

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  2. Beautiful day, made more beautiful by the happiness and playful nature of your daughter. Some amazing pictures you have taken especially the one over the bridge looks as if it’s a pro’s work. The therapy for grownups is nice and i love the Turkish food. I should definitely visit this place and try the same.

    A beautiful day shared to us.

    Thank you

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